Healthy nutrition is our new source of energy… The production of Simas Bulgur starts with the high quality wheat.Simas Bulgur, providing producers in the villages and in their own lands with the seed for “Hard Wheat” which is the most important factor in producing high quality wheat, obtains the high quality raw material which it wants while supporting producers at the same time.
The importance attached to the raw material is pursued in the whole production process. To date since its establishment with 10-ton daily production capacity, Simas Bulgur increased its daily production capacity to 60 tons in its newly established modern facilities in the Gaziantep Industrial Zone.  Simas Bulgur continues its production within an activity area of 10.000 m2 with a different quality understanding and high-tech machines which are completely equipped with chromium-plated nickel stainless steel. Simas Bulgur produces the most natural, delicious, reliable, hygienic, and high quality wheat by using its modern technology and drying the wheat in its special aeration towers without hand-touch. The wheat is taken to drying tower after being sorted, washed and cooked in the modern facilities. The pounded and boiled wheat is obtained by sorting the wheat from the chaff and cracking it. After sieving, it is classified and packed.It is produced without any additive ingredients and colorants, and each step of production is controlled under conditions in line with health requirements. In the end, what distinguishes SİMAS is its careful attention in choosing wheat and production as well as the technology it uses. And Simas Bulgur takes it place within domestic and world markets with its coarse, medium, black, village type, sefel kitel, double fine, as well as other types of pounded and boiled wheat in according 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg packages in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex.


To be a leader in the grains and pulses sector in the Middle East and northern Europe.


“To sustain the high quality of our products, to correctly identify and fully meet changing and developing customer expectations, and to fulfill these aims as cost-effectively as possible with maximum energy and resource efficiency.”