Why Bulgur?

Bulgur is usually being produced from drum type wheat..The main property of wheat is it has high amount of gluten (protein) and low amount of starch. On the other hand, the amount of nitrous and pigment (colour) meterials of wheat are acceptable  for bulgur. While cooking wheat, starch combines with nitrogen proteins and due to cooking temperature it forms a hard structure. At the same time, microorganismis and enzymes which spoil the food stuff inactivate due to cooking temperature,this enables the biochemical reactions to cease,thus,increasing the shelf life of bulgur

If cooking process is not properly done,the guality of the last product decreases,and bulgur is less resistant to insects. The characteristics of  Bulgur

  1. High nutritional value,
  2. Low cost,
  3. Can be easily stored & high resistance,
  4. Easy to cook/prepare,
  5. Resistant to insects,
  6. Reduces the intetinal cancer risk due to its high fiber content,
  7. Semi-finished product,
  8. Resistant to heat & humidity,
  9. Our product has been manufactured according to TS-2284.